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Home Visits: AVAILABLE in and around Droitwich Spa, Rashwood, Dunhampstead, Copcut, Martin Hussingtree, oddingley, Hadzor.

NB If you or anyone in your house has symptoms of coronavirus or suspects they could be infected please inform the podiatrist and rearrange the appointment..


Droitwich Footcare is a practice of Mr. A. Thomson BSc(Hons) MCPod who has been treating a wide range of foot problems for 20 years, having qualified with a degree in Podiatry at the London Foot Hospital, a part of the University College London (UCL) medical school.

Mr Thomson has worked in both the NHS and private sector in the UK and helped establish a diabetic foot clinic for the government of Kuwait.

The practice aims to provide treatment for a very broad range of foot problems, from those simple maintenance needs to the complex needs of diabetic feet and biomechanical conditions.

Please take a look around the website where you'll find information on some of the common foot conditions and some useful advice. If you're still not sure if you need an appointment please call and let us advise you further.